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Application note AN2015_Bacterial_Biofilm_Growth_and_Removal
Application note AN2011_Platelet aggregation monitoring
Application note AN2010_Multilayer_Bio-Films_for_Bone_Tissue_Regeneration
Application note AN2009_Build-up_of_layer-by-layer_polyelectrolytes
Application note AN2008_Bacterial_Interactions_with_Cells_and_Proteins
Application note AN2007_Effect_of_pH_on_Protein_Adsorption_to_Silicone_Surface
Application note AN2006_Bacterial_Contaminants_Detection_in_Drinking_Water
Application note AN2005_Blood_Coagulation_Quick_Time_measurement
Application note AN2004_Monitoring_Cellular_Response_To_Bioactive_Agents
Application note AN2003_Charaterization_of_SOM_Affecting_NP_Bioavailability
Application note AN2002_Monitoring_Ligand-induced_Cellular_Response
Publication 2017 Bioinspired from Salivary Acquired Pellicle: A Multifunctional Coating for Biominerals
Publication 2016 Utilisation of Quartz Crystal Microbalance Sensors with Dissipation (QCM-D) for a Clauss Fibrinogen Assay in Comparison with Common Coagulation Reference Methods
Publication 2016 Real-time measurement of Plasmodium falciparum-infected erythrocyte cytoadhesion with a quartz crystal microbalance
Publication 2016 QCM-D for Haemostasis Assays: Current Status and Future: A Review
Publication 2016 Polymeric capsule-cushioned leukocyte cell membrane vesicles as a biomimetic delivery platform
Publication 2016 Low-Volume Label-Free Detection of Molecule-Protein Interactions on Microarrays by Imaging Reflectometric Interferometry
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Publication 2016 'Molecular Imprinting' as Multidisciplinary Material Science: Today and Tomorrow
Publication 2015: A Straightforward Detection of HIT Type II via QCM-D
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Publication 2015 QCM-D providing new horizon in the domain of sensitivity range and information for haemostasis of human plasma
Publication 2015 Development of lipid based depot formulation s using interferon-beta-1b as a model protein
Publication 2014 Hybrid Material for Protein Sensing Based on Electrosynthesized MIP on a Mannose Terminated Self-Assembled Monolayer
Publication 2014 Electrochemical displacement sensor based on ferrocene boronic acid tracer and immobilized glycan for saccharide binding proteins and E. coli
Publication 2014 Bacterial interactions with proteins and cells relevant to the development of life-threatening endocarditis studied by use of a quartz-crystal microbalance
Publication 2013: Antibody conjugated supported lipid bilayer for capturing and purification of viable tumor cells in blood for subsequent cell culture.
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Publication 2010 Platelet aggregation monitoring with a newly developed quartz crystal microbalance system as an alternative to optical platelet aggregometry
Publication 2010 Investigation of Prothrombin Time in Human Whole Blood Samples with a Quarz Crystal Biosensor