Lab automation

Fast Heating & Cooling


Precise Temperature control is of great importance for Lab Automation. 3T's peltier-driven temperature control system PelTherm features in fast heating & cooling, high precision & accuracy and easy integration.

System Overview

PelTherm is a powerful temperature control system designed as an embeddable module for e.g. laboratory robot stations. It consists of temperature units, a control unit and a cooling unit. Accurate temperature control is guar­anteed between -2 °C and +80 °C. The max. speed of heating is 10 °C / min and the max. speed of cooling is 6 °C / min.

Peltier element

The temperature control system uses Peltier elements. The elements are based on differently doped semiconductors which are in contact with each other.

The different doping leads to different levels of energy of conduction bands. The passage of an electron through the contact will lead to either absorbtion or emission of heat resulting in heating or cooling depending on the direction of the current. Heating and cooling with Peltier elements is fast and doesn’t need any movable parts.