Cell Analysis with qCell T Series

Real time insight into your cell culture

Cell analysis is a vibrant field of study, which lies in between the full-fledged organism and its molecular underpinnings. The function and structure of the cell depend highly on intricate but often rather tenuous interactions between complementary surfaces of macromolecules, which affect cells’ health, motility, growth, proliferation, differentiation, etc. Thus elucidating those interactions becomes crucial for providing new possibilities of precise diagnostics and novel therapies (Krajewskie et al, 2014; Sinn et al, 2010; Hussain et al; 2002).

Featured Products for Cell Analysis

3T analytik offers thermostated, label-free, non-invasive and highly sensitive acoustic sensing device qCell/qCell T, an advanced quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) with damping/dissipation. With exceptional real time monitoring of the living cells’ physiological status, qCell/qCell T produces fast and accurate results for cellular response against bioactive agents. The intuitive software qGraph provides insight in cells’ biomechanical studies, gaining cell analysis effectively and with ease.