QCM-D Instruments

Unsurpassed QCM-D Platform

Platform with unsurpassed handling

The qCell T series are highly advanced quartz crystal microbalances with damping/dissipation (QCM-D) monitoring. With unmatched signal stability, the devices are optimally suited for real time investigation of biofilm formation, cell cultures, assessment of viscosity, or development of immunological, hematological, biological and electrochemical assays.

Powerful Combination

The Microfluidic and Optical Module is the latest innovation to our QCM-D instruments. It is designed for combining 3T’s advanced QCM-D technology with simultaneous optical observation of the sensor surface. Combining QCM-D with real time microscopy allows the user to evaluate frequency and damping with respect to sample surface coverage and morphology.

Smart QCM-D Devices

The qCell series is the entry level QCM with damping/dissipation monitoring without temperature and pump control. The up to four channels QCM-D permit measuring different samples and controls at the same time. The flow cells have separate fluidic connections, enabling synchronized as well as independent flow operations and profiles.

The Versatility of QCM-D

A wide range of sensors and accessories extending the application fields of 3T QCM-D.

Dedicated to Practical Uses

All D-QCMs from 3T are equipped with the complete software suite for fully automated instrument control, signal acquisition, real time display, processing and data storage.