Applications with 3T Products

Real time insight into your cell culture

With exceptional real time monitoring of the living cells’ physiological status, qCell T series produces fast and accurate results for cellular response to bioactive agents as well as insight into cell biomechanical properties.

Versatile blood research tool

Hemostasis monitoring of newly emerged anticoagulants especially during cardiac surgeries poses more and more challenges to standard diagnostic instrumentations. The qCell T provides a sophisticated platform with outstanding potential to face such challenging situations due to its capability to evaluate the plasmatic pathway as well as the platelets in real time.

Real time insights into biofilm growth and physical state

Bacteria adhere on virtually all natural and man-made surfaces on which they grow into larger communities called biofilms. When formed on biomedical implants, biofilms can lead to potentially life-threatening infections, thereby having severe impact on human health. The qCell/qCell T- detects bacterial adhesion and follows biofilm growth on surfaces by recording minute changes in the resonance behavior of a quartz sensor.