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3T analytik located in Tuttlingen, Germany, develops and produces best technological solutions for monitoring of molecular binding & interactions, surface associated phenomena, microfabrication and lab automation. The instruments from 3T ensure an innovative and easy surface analysis for established and emerging industrial and academic applications.

Since March 2016, 3T analytik is ISO 9001:2015 certified. With quality and innovation driven products, we make sure that customers receive the best service from 3T and their satisfaction are our highest priority.

QCM-D Instruments
We provide highly advanced Quartz Crystal Microbalance devices with Dissipation/Damping (QCM-D) monitoring. The QCM-D devices, qCell T series and qCell series, are optimally suited for the analysis of nanomaterial properties, biofilms and cell cultures, assessment of viscosity, development of immunological, hematological, biological or electrochemical assays. The monitoring with the QCM-D technique is label-free and in real-time.

Genotoxicity Testing
AUREA gTOXXs, automated DNA strand break analysis, is a complete solution for automated DNA-based in vitro toxicity screening and risk assessment of ingredients in pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, nanoparticle or medical products. 3D tissue models, human peripheral blood cells and the hepatocyte-like HepaRG cell line are equally suitable for Genotox analysis by AUREA. The gTOXXs analyzer combines the high-end CyBio® liquid handling and automation robotics from Analytik Jena and the 3T PelTherm, an extremely powerful Peltier-element-based temperature control system. Automated endpoint measurements produce comparable results to conventional testing in significantly less time. Extra information on the DNA repair and the physiological state of the cells is easily accessible through time-resolved DNA strand break analysis by AUREA gTOXXs.

The ZentriForm is a breakthrough tool for rapid prototyping of Lab-on-Chip systems and microstructures. ZentriForm ensures unsurpassed high precision microstructures —  rapid, simple and reliable.

Lab Automation
PelTherm is the solution for temperature control in your lab automation. PelTherm ensures high precision temperature control and is designed as an embeddable module for e.g. laboratory robot stations.

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