qCell T Series for Human Blood Research

Versatile blood research tool

Hemostasis monitoring of newly emerged anticoagulants especially during cardiac surgeries poses more and more challenges to standard diagnostic instrumentations. 3T developers have made pioneering contributions in QCM-D technology for the analysis of health-related whole blood parameters (Oberfrank et al, 2016Sinn et al, 2011; 2010; Müller et al, 2010).  Now the qCell T series provides a sophisticated platform with outstanding potential to face such challenging situations due to its capability to evaluate the plasmatic pathway as well as the platelets in real time (Hussain et al, 201620152015; 2013). Recent developments in the field 'molecular imprinting' employing the QCM technology promise platelet aggregation sensing in real patients by synthetic biomimics in near future (Hussain, 2016). 

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qCell T series is the most advanced QCM-D system on the market for measurment of whole blood samples. It has several clear advantages over other conventional methods, especially for viscoelastic point of care applications.

Additional QCM-based research in medical biology (for details see publications)