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qCell T auto series

The auto series is the latest upgrade of our QCM-D instruments allowing fully automated liquid handling with or without incubation feature. The automatization enables excellent stability and reproducibility for long term unattended measurements and makes it easy to design your experiments. Perform and supervise your experiments even from distance by using the simple scripting and remote control function available in qGraph software.

The auto series is available in single and dual channel configuration and handles up to 8 samples per channel featuring temperature control. For transferring experimental protocols into a script, the qGraph software comprises the programming of temperature, flow rates, injection volume,  sample  channel, base line stability control, user defined equilibrium proceeding conditions and triggering of external devices. The sampling instrument LiquiBox Compact can also be purchased separately if you have already QCM-D instruments from 3T.

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Features of qCell T auto series:

  • Fully Automated Pump & Sample Operation
  • Dissipation/Damping & Frequency Monitoring
  • Available for qCell T and qCell T Q2
  • Up to 8 Independent Samples per Channel
  • Peltier Driven Temperature Control
  • User Friendly Software Interface
  • Easy Handling

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qCell T Q2

The new qCell T Q2 is a dual channel quartz crystal microbalance with dissipation/damping monitoring. Outperforming its predecessor, the QCM-D device qCell T, the second channel permits simultaneous measurement and control. The flow cells enables parallel synchronized flow operations and profiles. The software qGraph qCell T Q2 manages  thermo and automatic fluidic control, sensor data collecting and processing. Alterations in mass adsorptions, layer thickness and sample viscosity are obtained with high accuracy, controlled against blank, in a time resolved manner.

Features of qCell T Q2:


  • Dual Sensor Channels
  • Dissipation/Damping & Frequency Monitoring
  • Peltier Driven Temperature Control
  • Fully Automated Pump Operation
  • User Friendly Software Interface
  • Easy Handling


qCell T

The qCell T is a highly advanced quartz crystal microbalance with damping/dissipation monitoring for gaining real time insights into molecular interactions, biofilms, liquid properties and even the analysis of blood.The QCM-D device qCell T offers unmatched stability, unique operational ease and accuracy in real-time measurements.

Features of qCell T:

  • Single Sensor Channel
  • Dissipation/Damping & Frequency Monitoring
  • Peltier Driven Temperature Control
  • Fully Automated Pump Operation
  • User Friendly Software Interface
  • Easy Handling


qCell T eChem

qCell T eChem is the electrochemical version of the QCM-D instrument qCell T. The sensor platform is specifically adapted to combine the full range of electrochemical experiments with the specific insight of quartz crystal microbalance sensors. A potentiostat or galvanostat from Metrohm can be operated independently through its Nova™ control software, while qGraph qCell T software acquires sensor data, thermo control and fluidic data.

Features of qCell T eChem:

  • Designed for Electrochemistry Applications
  • Simple Connection to Potentiostat
  • Single Channel System
  • Dissipation/Damping & Frequency Monitoring
  • Peltier Driven Temperature Control
  • Fully Automated Pump Operation
  • User Friendly Software Interface
  • Easy Handling

Automated Fluid Control

qCell T series offers fully automated fluid control with high accuracy and repeatability. Flow rate can be precisely adjusted from 9 µl/min to 5600 µl/min.

The fluid system in qCell T combined with software qGraph feathures a complete automated control. The minimum flow rate reaches down to 9 µl/min and the 12 roller peristaltic pump provides high accuracy and repeatability even under low flow rate.
 Along with the minimum sample volume requirement of 80 µl, the fluid system makes  qCell T series the optimal instruments for laboratory and industrial applications using high cost fluid samples. The pump can be independently controlled when it's not connected to qGraph software.


Temperature Control

Fully automated temperature control ranging from +4 °C to +80 °C powered by self-developped Peltier system of closed water loop.

The Temperature control of qCell T series offers a sophisticated temperature control technology either as a stand-alone solution or integrated into automated workstations. Both the flow cell and the temperature unit where the samples are placed are thermostated by the Peltier system. The temperature unit offers adaptors for different volumes of sample containers. The maximum speed is 10 °C/min for heating and 6 °C/min for cooling.

Flow Cell

With only 30 µl internal volume, the flow cell is designed for easy access, fast sensor replacement and to maintain a good seal in its closed working condition. All surfaces in contact with liquid samples are made of high chemical resistant materials, e.g. Teflon.

The flow cell head (top) is positioned over the sensor placed in the cell socket and locked with a quarter turn in a bayonet style. A tight seal is maintained by a thin O-ring which rests on the sheet - and not on the sensor - virtually eliminating any tension and ensuring high signal integrity.
After priming, the quartz sensor is exposed to the liquid and the measurement can begin.
The flow cell head can be equipped with a fully transparent plug allowing a  user to visually follow the experiment over its time course.

Easy Control Button

The easy control button (ECB) is the one button solution for qCell T series. It combines simplicity and ease-of-use.

The easy control button with LCD display gives you quick access to frequency & damping view, temperature control and system settings. When connection with PC is established and the qGraph software is started, the ECB is disabled to prevent misoperation.


Software qGraph

The qCell series comes with a complete software suite for instrument control, signal acquisition, real time display, processing and data storage. The software is preinstalled and delivered with an All-in-one PC.

Individual panels display frequency, damping (dissipation), temperature and pump flow profiles. Online protocol commenting, coordinate display by pick point  function, scripts for programming flow rates, patterns and repetitive cycles can be added and edited by the operator. Data export to qGraph Viewer, Excel™, Origin™ and other processing software is supported.