Sensors and Accessories

The Versatility of QCM-D

LiquiBox Compact

The LiquiBox Compact is an auto-sampling device handling up to 8 samples per channel. The LiquiBox Compact gives you the outstanding opportunity to upgrade your existing qCell T series to qCell T auto with all its features and software implementation except for the sample incubation function.

Quartz Chips

The patented special design quartz chip ensures easy handling, high reliability and sensitivity with stress-free conditions on the quartz crystal. Each quartz sensor comes mounted on a thin polymer sensor sheet of precise dimensions. The sensor chip is labeled with a unique serial number and features an asymmetric shape with grooves which precisely fits into a flat cavity at the bottom of the open-architecture flow cell. Different quartz coatings, from basic elements ( Ti, Ag, Cu, Pt, etc.), Oxides (SiO2, Al2O3, etc.),  Hydroxyapatite, stainless steel to Polymers are available upon request. If you have special sensor requirements, simply fill in our webform or contact us.

Cleaning / Coating Unit

Highly chemically compatible, the cleaning unit is the best choice for cleaning and coating of quartz chips.

The cleaning unit is very practical for cleaning and coating of the quartz chips’ surface.  When loaded, only the upper electrodes of the quartz are exposed to the outside so that the whole unit can be totally immersed in fluids, e.g. ultrasonic bath. The material of the cleaning unit ensures a high chemical resistance against hazardous fluids. The standard cleaning unit can operate with two chips at the same time.