2016 'Molecular Imprinting' as Multidisciplinary Material Science: Today and Tomorrow

Authors: Hussain M, Gehring FK, Sinn S, Northoff H

Journal: UK Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biosciences, 3 (6), p. 18-29


Biosensor Research Group, Institute of Clinical and Experimental Transfusion Medicine and Centre of Clinical Transfusion Medicine (ZKT), Tuebingen University and German Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service BW/H, 72072, Germany

AbstractThe review article focuses ‘Molecular Imprinting’ a multidisciplinary material view from the window of past trends to present’s and future’s road map. This is a first critical 'review of reviews' that covers the field from laboratory research to advanced material science in industrial applications. The article gives insight into ideas in the perspectives of step by step past trends, practical discussions and tips, its significance, applications, challenges, the ways to cope the challenges and a possible future or direction of the technique. By using selected case studies, it provides a comprehensive overview and a complete picture of the entire field. It illustrates the key soul of imprinting technology, via screening through pros and cons perspectives. The number of publications and applications of molecular imprinting is increasing exponentially and a common audience feels madness due to vastness in the today’s research climate of multidisciplinary nature. In which direction we are moving?, it can be hard for a busy scientist to keep pace with innovations or cherry pick useful advice from the mass of literature. In these perspectives, this review is equally suitable for all audiences from beginners to experts of today and tomorrow. The article could provide a launch pad to the future of imprinting technology for mining big information in all domains, its applications and far beyond.