2016 QCM-D for Haemostasis Assays: Current Status and Future: A Review

Authors: Munawar Hussain

Journal: UK Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biosciences Vol. 4(1), 121-132, 


Biosensor Research Group, Institute ofClinical and Experimental Transfusion Medicine and Centre of Clinical Transfusion Medicine (ZKT), Tuebingen University and German Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service BW/H, 72072, Tuebingen, Germany.


In recent years, modern technologies and devices for coagulation monitoring have demonstrated a multidisciplinary interest in  assays  and  methods. Devices and equipment for point-of-care (POC) coagulation monitoring of whole blood or plasma could eliminate fundamental deficiencies of routine coagulation assays and tests. Quartz Crystal Microbalance with dissipation (QCM-D) is an emerging powerful biomedical device, and it has an outstanding potential in this perspective. This is 'first critical review' article' that focuses the applications of coagulation assays on QCM-D  technique, and it covers the substantial scientific efforts from 2011 to January 2016. This article could provide baselines for coagulation assays on QCM-D technology for the future perspectives, ultra-refining  the  POC  settings for laboratory and clinical methods levels in worldwide and far beyond.